He is Risen!

Happy Easter!  
I am especially thankful this day that the Lord defeated death and rose again that we may have peace, love, joy, and eternal life.  He paid the ultimate price that we would have victory over death.
It's been a rough year since my dad died last June.  I have felt overwhelmed, sad, depressed, and tired a lot.  Feeling like life was so tough that it was all I could do to hang in there.  
But Jesus' knew all this would happen and this Easter I am reminded that His love and power is greater than any burden I carry.  Furthermore, if I am willing, He will take this burden from me and carry it Himself.  I serve a mighty and all loving God!

And He said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life.  The one who believes in me will live, even though they die and whoever lives by believing in me will never die.  Do you believe this?"
John 11:25-26

Blessed Resurrection Day!

Easter Fun!

It has been a crazy last few weeks!  Work has been stressful and super busy.  And we have all been sick.  I am looking forward to Spring and no more virus going around!!
Tonight after the kids went to bed, I set aside some time to craft.  I made 12 of these Easter cards.  It felt so good to craft.  It's been way too long!

I was inspired to make these from the gallery section of Papertrey ink.  The inspiration came from a card made from their  Easter stamp set.  I don't own the set, so I made due with my Cricut cartridges.  I created the saying in Word and printed it on construction paper.  What I love most about these cards is that I made them with existing supplies.  I didn't buy a single thing!  :-)

We took the kids to an Easter Egg hunt this past Saturday.  Our church hosted it at a local park.  Along with the egg hunt, they had lots of fun activities.  The kids had a blast!

 Caleb is non-stop!  He doesn't walk...he runs. All the time!  He is so cute!!!  This was his first Easter Egg hunt.

 He was content with just a few eggs.  He didn't make it past the first few eggs.

Grace was the Easter Egg hunt professional!  She knew exactly what to do and she want for it.  She was so excited!

Daddy kept good watch over her, but he didn't need to help her much.

Here she is checking out her stash and quite a stash she had!  She had her basket filled to the brim with eggs.  At one point she stood up and jumped up and down yelling, "Yeah!"

As we get closer to Easter, I pray you find peace in His presence as we thank Jesus for his sacrifice on the cross.  That you would find release and joy in his defeat over death and his glorious resurrection.

Our Little Star

Four months away from turning three, but it seems more like 13!  Grace not only looks older than 2 1/2 years old, she is beginning to act way beyond her years as well.
She loves performing!  And we love it.  Here is are three videos I took of her hamming it up.  This first video is especially cute as she counts in Spanish and then ends it with a celebration mini dance.  I didn't teach her this, but I think this means I better start teaching her Spanish.
She loves singing!  This is a song that she learned at preschool about greeting people.  "hello, how are you, hello, how are you..."  And there's a part about shaking your hand too.  Her preschool teaches them new concepts by song.  I love her preschool and Caleb will be joining her next school year.
This was especially cute after a hard evening with her testing me a  lot.  I was putting her to bed a bit earlier and was annoyed with her.  As I was putting away her clothes, she grabbed a book, sat on the floor, and started singing this song.  It melted my heart.  Again, I love her preschool!
Off to to tend to a sick little girl.  And a feisty toddler boy!  These kids are giving me a run for my money!!
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