Giggle, Giggle, Laugh, Laugh...

Our home is filled with laughter. Grace's antics constantly cause Jonas and I to break out in laughter and awe as we witness every new developmental milestone. It's so fun watching her make new discoveries. She will be 5 months old next week! It's going by so fast!!

Grace has discovered her feet! And she loves grabbing at them every chance she gets...while on her changing table, during playtime, and even when she's sitting on our laps.

I love her smile. She has also discovered her voice. She gets loud with her cooing! It's funny to hear her going on and on...I guess she's going to grow up to have a lot to say.

I asked Jonas to read to Grace...

This was the outfit Grace wore to church this past Sunday...and she come home in a different one...oops!

We've been introducing solids, mainly rice cereal. She isn't taking to it too well. I thought I'd let her play with the spoon for a bit. She likes the spoon!!

We'll be in Nashville in less than a week! And it's really cold there right now. Yikes! We're praying it warms up for our visit.

Feliz Navidad!

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All Better

Baby Grace is all better. She started feeling better Friday and by Saturday, she was back to her normal self. She has been eating well and sleeping well too. What a relief! Seeing her sick was so hard on Jonas and I. I suppose every new parent will go through the grief of having your child get sick for the first time.
Here's Grace feeling better...

She's all smiles!
In less than two weeks we will be in Nashville for Christmas! I can't believe how fast it's coming up. I checked the weather today and its going to be cold...brrrr...cold for us Californians!! And I just found out that the Belle Meade Cafeteria closed! NO! I didn't get a chance to eat there!! Oh well!!
Hope you have a wonderful week!
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