Caleb's Room

The little man finally has his room to himself.  Before Caleb came along, his room was my scrapbooking space.  I took all my stuff out and he now has a proper nursery.  I have been crafting away to make decor for what were bare walls. 
I made these from scrapbook paper, 12x12 canvases, and used my new favorite cricut cartridge, Noah's ABC's Animals.  I orginally planned to use frames, but I couldn't find blue ones that fit within my budget.  You think crafting will save you money, but sometimes it doesn't.  So I cut corners and bought the canvases.  Joann's had a sale on canvases so it ended up being cost effective.
This is my favorite and I love how it came out.  I also used the Noah's cartridge for the letters and the corresponding animals.  I did buy a frame for this one.  It's 16x20".  I wish I had gotten a bigger one, but this works well too.
This is the name banner I made for Caleb before he was born.  It hangs over his crib.
The canvas art is over his dresser.
The ABC frame fit perfectly behind this chair.  This chair used to be in our bedroom.  I am loving it in Caleb's room and love sitting in it to feed him his bottle at night.  The throw is a blanket that a co-worker's mother knit for Caleb.
I have these oversized animals by the changing table.  I also have a few on the closet doors.  Caleb loves looking at them and always tries grabbing them.  I made these from the Cricut Aminals cartridge.
And here is my little guy hanging out in his room.  I love his pudgy cheeks and his darling smiles.  He is such a little charmer!!
And his sister! Grace recently had her two year doctor's appointment. She is 38 inches tall! She's a big girl. I signed her up for preschool today. She will start after Labor day. Huge milestone!! She is growing too fast!!

Happy Birthday Grace!

We celebrated Grace's 2nd birthday yesterday at the Irvine Park.  It was so much fun! She had a blast and it was so cool watching her gave a great time.  She played with all the kids there and she ran around a lot!  A friend of mine brought their Radio Flyer wagon and she loved that!  She would not get out of it and loved it when anyone would come and pull her in it.  I think daddy will be buying her one...  :-)
It's hard to believe Grace is 2!  Seems like just yesterday I was holding her as a small infant.  Now she's my giant toddler who is head and shoulders taller than most kids her age and older too!

The cake!  It was yummy.  I looked around for designs and found one on pinterest that I liked.  I took the picture to SugarMe Bakery and they created this for us.

I made these favor bags using the Elmo Birthday Party Cricut cartridge.  Filled them with goodies for the kids.  These were fun to make.

I made the banner also using the Elmo cartridge.

Grace loved her Elmo pinata.  I guess the good thing about a pull string pinata is that after it was used, it was still intact.  She spent the rest of the party carrying around Elmo.

Family picture.  I love our little family.

These are the centerpieces I made for the party.  I used the Elmo and Sesame Street Cricut cartridges.  These were fun to make and they looked great on the tables.
I guess not it's time to start thinking about Caleb's 1st birthday!!!  It will be here before I know it!
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