Pretty In Blue

I have to admit that when it comes to shopping and dressing Grace, I am addicted to pink! Much to Jonas chagrin, I tend to buy mostly pink clothes. He'd like to see her in other colors. This cute onesie was a gift. And Grace looks wonderful in blue! It brings out her blue eyes. I'll have to buy her more blue!
She's saying "HI!" She can't wait to meet all her family from Nashville this Christmas. It will be here before we know it and she'll be five months old!!!
Just like her momma...give me peace or I'll give you a beating!
Posing for the camera!
Tomorrow will be my last day at home with Grace. I'll be back at work on Friday. I am not looking forward to it. I have really enjoyed being home with Grace. It surprised me because I didn't think I was the stay at home type of person. I prayed a lot that things would work out financially for me to stay home and I even started playing the Lottery. On the bright side, the Lord provided a wonderful woman to take care of Grace. She runs a small daycare out of her home, she's a Christian and her husband is a pastor! Even though I'm extremely sad about going back to work, I have a lot of peace knowing Grace will be well taken care of. And! I will keep playing the Lottery along with responsible handling of our finances so that hopefully, I'll be able to stay home with Grace and the next one to come.

Happy Birthday Grace!

Grace is officially 2 months old today...and will be 9 weeks old tomorrow. Weird how that works out! Happy 2 month Birthday Grace!!!

She is growing so much! Her vocabulary of cooing is growing tremendously. And she is quite the explorer. She loves sitting on our laps looking out and when we carry her around, she moves her head back and forth to look at her surroundings. This past Sunday, she held up her head for the first time. Jonas took out the camera and the video camera too to capture the moment.
He took a while to get to the this time, her head was starting to slouch a little. But isn't she so cute?!
I created this little number for Grace's room...
It's a dress that I cut out with my Cricut using the Princess cartridge and then attached a plastic hanger and ribbons to it. As you can see, I made it to hold/display her hair clips. I'm a visual person and I forget what we have if it's just sitting in a pile in a drawer. This way I can see what she has and they are more accessible (it's hanging next to her changing station) when I'm dressing her. I got this idea from The owner, Kristin, attends the same church we do. She makes really cute items like hair clips, headbands, bibs, burpclothes, onesies and she made this car seat canopy for us...

Isn't it the best thing ever! When I saw it, I knew we had to have one. I had never seen anything like it and it works like a dream. Now I can protect Grace from the sun, carry the car seat without having to worry about a loose blanket falling off, and give her a dark place to sleep when we are out and about. Check out
Hope you are having a great week!

A Video and A Card

Grace is 8 weeks old now! Wow! She is getting so big and still so cute. We love her so much! I also have a card to share. Finally, some papercrafting. I've done a few layouts too, but haven't taken any pictures. Will share soon! Most of it are of Grace...and a few to finish my pregnancy album.
Video first! Grace has been kicking a lot! It looks like she's marching most of the time. It makes us laugh. She's building those muscles to preparation to walking. She's also slobbering a lot! I suppose that's in preparation for teething. Here's the video...

And now for some papercrafting. I am getting really good papercrafting quickly while Grace sleeps. I bought these Papertrey stamps a while ago and had not used them...not even opened the packages. I finally opened them to create two birthday cards. They are not your typical birthday cards, but I like them.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Getting A Grip

Both Grace and I have been getting a grip lately...I have been falling into a nice routine and actually getting some scrapbooking done. Yesterday, I finished two Yo Gabba Gabba albums I had started before Grace was born...I posted them both for sale on my Etsy store. I am learning to scrap fast. I have a couple of huge projects coming up and I hope I can get them done in a timely manner.
Grace is getting really good at not only grasping for things, but holding on too. She has always had a really tight grip, but she is progressively getting better at holding on. Here she is holding a toy in her hand for the first time. She held on to it for a good while and at one point held it closer to her face to get a good look. Last night, she grasped a hold of my hair and didn't let go until I opened her hand. It was cute last night, but I don't think it will be cute once she starts doing that regularly! Guess it's a good thing I like wearing my hair in a ponytail...much to Jonas' dismay!
Here Grace is looking so cute in her panda outfit. I dressed her up to run errands with me. Instead of getting in the car, we took the stroller and walked to the post office and the grocery store...Mommy needs the excercise! Lift us up in friend Jessica is coming over Saturday night to babysit while Jonas and I go to a formal dinner with the White Horse Inn (a Christian organization we support) in San Clemente. This will be the first time we leave Grace for an extended period of time. Pray that all goes well and that I'll have something to wear that fits!!!

Play Toys

This weekend, daddy and Grace discovered new toys. Jonas re-discovered or shall we re-fueled his love for boats. We took Grace to a boat show in Long Beach yesterday. Jonas was like a kid in a candy store with his eyes glazed over at the sight of all those boats. He loves sail boats, but he has a growing appreciation for motor boats... Especially this boat...yacht was amazing! I'm not much for boats, but I can definitely see myself cruising the open seas in this boat! It had three levels with a jacuzzi on the top level. For now, window shopping is all we can do!
We put Grace in her play mat for the first time today. I wasn't sure if she was ready for it, but she loved it.
All the colors and toys captured her attention. It was cute to watch her gaze go from toy to toy. A couple of times she reached out with her hands as if trying to reach them. It was cute to watch her explore the play mat.
It's amazing to see her growing developmentally. She is developing more head control and has strong hand grips.

6 weeks!

Grace is six weeks old! Time is going by too fast! We visited Grace's pediatrian today. Grace is growing! She's 11 pounds 8 ounces (87th percentile) and 24 inches (100th percentile!)...the Doctor said it looks like Grace will be tall. Neither Jonas nor I are very tall...she must get the tall genes from Jonas' maternal side of the family.

Here is Grace at the Doctor's office waiting to get her first round of vaccinations. She was so good during the entire appointment...smiling and cooing at the doctor and the nurses. Then the vaccinations happened! It was very traumatic for me...I cried when she started crying. She was so good soon as they were done, I breastfed her. She cried while eating, but quickly calmed down and after a while, she fell asleep. We will have more vaccinations when she is four months old. Such an awful experience, but I know those vaccinations are good for her. As a mother, I just experienced how much I don't want her to feel pain or go through hardships. All I can do is pray for her and prepare her for is messy!
I took this picture of Grace last night. She looked so cute in her strawberry themed outfit. She is still wearing 0-3 months clothes, but is starting to fit into 3 months outfits. This particular outfit is 3 months. The pants are still long, but the onesie fits perfectly.

Here's a short video of our little cutie...she talks to us a lot right after we change her diaper. I think she likes lying down on her changing pad. The nurse commented today that she will probably be a talker! Just like her daddy!!!

My heart is so full of love! I am so blessed and thankful for this sweet baby girl that the Lord has blessed us with.
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