Bounce Grace, Bounce!

Happy Monday! Did any of you miss changing your clocks this weekend? We almost missed it! Thanks for a friend on Facebook who posted a comment about it on her wall, I changed our clocks right before going to bed Saturday night. We made it on time to church, but noticed the parking lot looked a bit on the empty side! This morning, I made a mad dash to Starbucks. I was tired!! I think it will take Grace a couple of days to adjust to the time change. She went to bed close to 9pm last night. Her normal bed time is about 7:30pm.
Speaking of Grace, I have finished her first scrapbook album! It was meant to cover her first year, but it ended up covering birth to three months...with 6 added pages! That's a total of 32 layouts!! I'll try to take some pictures of layouts soon to share, but for now, here's a picture of the album. THICK!!
Grace is about to turn 8 months. But I finally picked up her 7 month pictures. Here's four of my favorites.
This one looks like a school picture! She's so big!!!

Too sweet for words! She wasn't smiling much during this photo session, but I still love this shot of her in the hat box. I think this one would look great with the Sepia effect. I can't wait to scrapbook it!!

She was a hint of a smile in this picture. You can see a watery eye. She was crying a bit. I don't think she liked being in the hat box or the boas.

Ahh, my sweet little one. Thank you Tia Alicia for this great dress! It's picture perfect.

Grace loves her jumper. And she loves jumping. Not sure why the video came out sideways, and I wasn't sure how to rotate the image. I took this video with my cell phone. Next time I guess I need to rotate my cell phone.

I am consistently amazed at God's amazing provision for my family. I have the tendency to stress about finances and within the last two months, God has provided twice in situations where I wasn't sure how we were going to pay a bill or have enough saved up to get us through summer. Both times, God provided more than what we needed...try three times as much as needed! I am so glad God provides despite my worry. What is worry? Lack of faith. Thank you Lord, and forgive my unbelief.
Praying you have an amazing week!

Working Moms...

Being a working mom is hard work! Let's see, today I forgot the check for daycare and I forgot to pack nipples for Grace's bottles...signs that I am way too busy and tired! I have a patch of grey hair because I have not had time or energy to get my hair done. I'm still overweight and I don't have much time to grocery shop much less eat healthy...AHHH, Calgone, take me away!
Here is a day in the life of me...
5:00am wake up, take shower, get ready
6:00am wake up Grace to nurse (unless she has woken up earlier and probably thrown me off my morning routine
6:55am leave for work
7:30am to
4:00pm pick up Grace from daycare
4:20pm arrive home and nurse Grace
5pm start dinner and feed Grace
6ish dinner, play with Grace, time with Jonas
7:30pm...start bedtime routine with Grace
8:30pm pack Grace's bag, bottles, etc
9:00pm Spend time with Grace
10pm hit the sack (and get up at least once during the night to nurse Grace)
Can you relate?? This past weekend, I decided to throw it all in the wind...Saturday, Jonas, Grace and I went to the local Santa Ana Zoo for a couple of hours. It was great to get out of the house. We had beautiful weather! Then Sunday afternoon, we went on a hike in Santiago Canyon. We had a great time. But...I have to say that it was a bit stressful timing it all with Grace's naps, feedings, etc. All in all, it was well worth it.
Here is Grace...she makes it all worth it...
She's been working on her top tooth. I hope she cuts it soon. She isn't fussy, but sure has been trying to gnaw on everything. Sweet thing! I hear the molars are a real treat!!
Hope you have a great week! I'll be working on slowing down! So what if the sink is full of dirty dishes...
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