New Layouts!

Right when I learned that I was having a boy, all of the sudden I was motivated to scrapbook again! The first thing I wanted to do was by a scrapbook album for this baby. In the last three days, in between Grace's nap times and after her bedtime, I made six layouts!
I did need a little inspiration...I was a bit rusty. I used sketches from the Got Sketch blog. I love Valerie Salmon's sketches. They are simple and highlight the pictures. I don't like layouts that are all about the design and where you feel like the pictures are the afterthought.
This layout was taken from this sketch:

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This double layout documents when we first found out we were pregnant and baby's first ultrasounds. After we got over the shock, we were pretty excited. Even though it seemed so soon, we know the Lord's timing is perfect.

This sketch inspired the next layout.

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Oh, I used baby boy themed K and Company scrapbook paper for these layouts. This layout highlights the 2nd round of ultrasounds. Since my pregnancy with Grace was considered high risk, there were a lot of ultrasounds at the beginning of this pregnancy to establish that all was well. And it was. So luckily no weekly appointments will I was out of the first trimester.

This sketch was a bit girly, but I adjusted it so it would fit a baby boy layout.

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I wasn't supposed to get an ultrasound at this visit, but the midwife (my OBGYN was out of the office) couldn't hear the heartbeat so she pulled out the ultrasound machine. I love this ultrasound because it looks like the baby is waving hello.

I love this sketch because it's a double layout spread and it fits lots of pictures.

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This is the set of ultrasounds where we found out it's a boy.

Next of my list of scrapbooking? I have some ideas for chipboard albums to sell. And I am really behind with Grace's albums. This is my last week of vacation...Yes, say it isn't so!! I am still in denial about it. I just want to make sure I enjoy this week as much as I can, rest, and get as much done too. Tall order!

Party Details

Now that Grace's party is over and we've gotten some rest, I thought I'd share some of the things I made for her party. The theme was cupcakes and I made a lot of cupcake themed items.
I made this yummy banner with my Cricut. Love it! One reads "Happy Birthday" and the other reads "Grace."

I made cupcake centerpieces. I bought the buckets for less than a $1 each at Party City. I cut out the cupcakes using my Cricut and glittered each one. I filled the buckets with jelly beans so they wouldn't fall over and to cover the green foam.

I made cupcake toppers. I used cupcake clipart and each cupcake topper said, "Grace's 1st Birthday." I made strawberry, lemon, and chocolate cupcakes. I used a frosting recipe I found on Rachel Ray's website. It was yummy!
The favors were really fun to make. I bought frame magnets from Walmart. Then I used scalloped cardstock and foam cupcake stickers. A co-worker found these stickers in the dollar section of Target and bought them for me. There were about 6 or so per package. I made half with a picture of Grace and half with no picture.

I loved how everything came out. This was my first time making party favors and decorations. I loved how the theme was carried out in everything. I don't know if I'll do it again was a lot of work and I had to get started early to make sure everything would be done and I'm not sure I actually saved money. I don't think I'll have this kind of time to craft when I have two little ones running around.
p.s. coming soon...ultrasound scrapbook layouts!

Happy 1st Birthday Grace!

We celebrated Grace's 1st birthday today. We had a great time! I can't believe our baby is now officially a toddler. This year went by way too fast!!

Our little cupcake!
Well now that the party is over...I can rest and get ready for our next big event...the birth of our baby boy.

It's A Boy!

Well looks like we will be welcoming a son on December 12th! We are very excited. Grace will have a little brother and Jonas will have an off-roading/camping buddy!! It's just perfect. And what was the first thing I wanted to do after the ultrasound appointment??? I wanted to go by Michael's and get a baby boy scrapbook album and scrapbooking supplies!! I feel very motivated to scrapbook now.
This is one of his feet.
This is a hand.
This is a side profile of the baby.
Yesterday I baked a little over 60 cupcakes and tomorrow I will be frosting them. I don't consider myself much of a baker, but the cupcakes came out looking and tasting good. Jonas and I tasted each one of the three flavors...

And She's Off!

Grace officially took her first steps last night! It was so cute to watch her walk...looked like a little drunkard. We had her practicing her walking this afternoon. She's getting more sure footed. She also is standing by herself for longer periods of time. So I suppose Jonas and I will really start getting our exercise now as we chase her around!

Jonas also gave Grace her first haircut today! I woke up to find that Grace had a new 'do. She needed a cut because her hair was constantly in her eyes. She does not let hair bands/clips in her hair for very long. The solution: bangs!

Precious baby girl...she is having a ball learning how to walk. Now with walking and her new hair do...she truly does look like a small child and no longer like a baby.

Like Father...Like Daughter

Happy Friday!! What's on tap for your weekend? We've got a busy weekend planned out. We're going to a Dussenberg (spelling?) car exhibit this afternoon, a birthday party tomorrow, and then church on Sunday. And in the midst of it all, I have to finish preparations for Grace's birthday party...NEXT WEEKEND! I can't believe it's almost here. My baby girl will be one year old next weekend. That went by too fast!!!
I was looking over old pictures and found these two. The first one is Jonas at 16 months old and the second one is Grace at seven months old. The similarity is uncanny!

Grace got all her cuteness from her daddy! And seems like her personality and temperament is shaping up to be much like his too. Yikes!!
It's amazing to me how much personality Grace is developing. She talks and talks and talks, shrugs her shoulders, tries to crawl away when she has something in her hands she's not supposed to, and tries to get our attention then smiles to make us laugh. It seems like she might turn out to be quite a little comedian. She sure does bring a lot of joy to us.
Have a great weekend!!

Mommyhood's now almost a month since I've been home with Grace and it has not been easy. Yesterday was an especially difficult day. Sometimes I think it would be easier to be at work. Although, when I'm at work, all I can think about is Grace! Both Grace and I were tired and fussy. And to boot, she has decided she doesn't need her morning nap anymore. I am missing that morning nap! And I can't believe she is already throwing tantrums and testing me. Wow! That was quick!!
Today has been a much better day. Both Grace and I went to bed early. I took Grace to her first tumbling class and after we got home, she took a two hour nap. Yeah for naps!

Grace has a blast at her tumbling class. She was not shy and wanted to explore everything in the classroom. I think all that rough housing with daddy gave her confidence with the mats, railings and tumbling maneuvers. She's a natural!

Grace experienced the pool for the first time on the 4th of July. She was a little unsure about the whole thing. But her 2nd time in a pool, she wanted to "swim!"

Here she is with an early birthday present from our friends Bryan and Nicole. This has got to be the biggest teddy bear I have every seen. She loves crawling on it and over it. It's a hit!
It's been a busy summer! I never would have imagined how busy it would be as a stay home mom. Other than decorations for Grace's upcoming birthday party, I haven't had much time to scrapbook. Which makes me sad! I think I left off scrapbooking with Grace's 4 month pictures! Yikes!! I hate incomplete projects...and there is more to come with baby #2! I have my ultrasound on the 21st...can't wait to see if Grace will have a baby sister or baby brother!!

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