Finally...a bit of crafting!

Here it is! This is the hair clip holder I have been working on for Grace. I love the way it came out. Instead of using fabric for the bodice, I used scrapbook paper. I'm a little intimidated by fabric...

Here is what her old hairclip holder looked like...a little full, huh? It was definitely time to make a new one.

Here's her new one with most of her clips...I think I need another one! Especially since I just ordered 10 more ribbon hair clips...
Here's my big girl! "Look Mommy...No Hands!" Grace is growing so fast! As soon as she started crawling, she became a whole new person! She's on the move! Crawling, crusing, standing and not being still. She's also eating big people food and slowly refusing baby food. Awww...
I love this little video of Jonas and Grace. Jonas sure knows how to get big laughs out of Grace. She loves her daddy so so much!

I have four weeks left before summer vacation! I'm so excited and I really, really need the rest. What are you looking forward to?



Mother's Day Review

Happy Belated Mother's Day!! Whoo hoo! We celebrated my first Mother's Day. It was a special day. It was hard to wrap my head around the fact that this year I was actually a mommy on Mother's Day. We started the day with church. Pastor Matt delivered a great sermon about Moses' mother and Timothy's mother and how their sacrifice led to God using their sufferings for His greater purpose. Moses was used of the Lord to save his people from slavery and Timothy was used to encourage Paul and the early Christians. It made me realize the seriousness of the call of the Lord to raise Grace to love and serve Him. It's really all about Him...all of it.

Our little family after church on Sunday. We attend the Village Church of Irvine. Check it out some time, you will be blessed.
After church, Jonas treated me to Taco Bell...yes, quite a culinary delight. We were the only ones there! At least there were no lines. And for dinner, we went out with my best friend Celeste and her three kids. It was very special sharing Mother's Day with her. We had been hosting them off and on for the last two weeks. They live in Colorado and I miss her every day!

Here we are with our daughters. Celeste is my long time college buddy.
I have five weeks left of work! I'm counting down the days till Summer vacation!! I have lots of of them is to take Grace to swim lessons and to enroll the both of us in Mommy and Tots classes. The City of Orange offers lots of low costs classes for babies. I'm looking forward to taking advantage of them.
As for scrapbooking, well, I'm getting going again. I have several projects in the works. I'm currently working on ballerina dress shaped hair clip organizers. I'm almost finished with my first. I'll share as soon as I'm done.
Hope you have a blessed week!
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