Happy New Year!

We bid goodbye to 2012 in a relaxed and fun fashion.  We didn't go to a fancy party or stay up all night.  We didn't even dress up!  But we had fun spending time together as a family.  We let the kids stay up just a wee bit later than their normal bedtimes and Jonas and I spent the rest of the evening together watching a movie.  It made me hopeful for 2013 because I want the focus of it to be family.  My little family brings me such joy and that is the best blessing I could ask for.

Grace loves playtime with Daddy.  He is having so much fun with her now that she is a bit older.  And he is starting to have lots of fun with Caleb too.  Caleb has been such a momma's boy, but now he is really starting to bond with daddy.

 We took the kids to the LA Zoo.  They had a blast!  Especially in their petting zoo area.
 Grace kept asking for the hippos and when we finally found their area, they were no where to be seen. That was a bit disappointing, but Grace didn't seem to mind. She has a blast at the zoo.
Jonas with the kiddos looking at the Elephants.  These are the three I love spending time with.  Such a blessing!
Here's a little video of Caleb walking.  He is becoming such a good walker.  He starting walking on the day of his first birthday.  He gets into everything!  And he loves climbing.  I am so impressed with his abilities too.  It's neat to see the differences between a boy and a girl.  Grace is now in love with jewelry and accessories and Caleb likes putting things together and taking them apart.
Here's to hoping for an awesome 2013!
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