Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

 Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We spent ours in Sacramento with my side of the family.  It was a lot of work to travel with our little ones, but they did a great job!  And I think we packed way too much stuff, but better safe than sorry.  It's a good thing we own a mini-van!  Mini-van used to be a bad word for me, but now I am in love this this vehicle!  It makes life with our little ones so much easier!!
 Grace refused to take her nap on Thanksgiving day.  I think it was being in a a new environment.  We were a little afraid that she'd be fussy that night, but she did great.  Other than being a little shy, she was well behaved.  And she crashed hard that night.
 Caleb stole the show!  He was all smiles and not shy at all.  He was held a lot!! Our little guy turns one year old next month!!  That was fast!!
Our Thanksgiving family picture!!  I am so very thankful for my little family.  I loved my life before, but now with my hubbie and these two little angel, I am loving life on a whole new level.  I could neve have imagined what it would be like to be a mother and it's such an awesome thing!
We have been teaching Grace the names of her Nashville family members.  It's so cute to hear her say their names.

Halloween Fun

It's been busy BUSY around here.  I keep wondering if life will eventually slow down, but I am told it will only get busier as the kids get older.  I will be shuffling them around to different events, sports, lessons, etc.  I suppose the lesson in all of this is to just enjoy the precious moments I get with them.  Grace learning to talk more and more and how darn sweet Caleb is with his huge smiles and laughs.
We took the kids to a pumpkin patch at the Irvine Park.  Caleb loved playing with the pumpkins.  Grace was a little harder to get pictures of because she wanted nothing to do with the pumpkins.
 Grace is such a little lady.  Already she protests about the clothes and shoes she wants to wear.  Looks like she might be on her way to becoming a little fashion diva!
 For Halloween, we dressed Caleb as a little lion.  He sure did look adorable.  I don't think he liked the lion mane much, he kept trying to take it off. 
 Grace was Minnie Mouse.  She loves Minnie and constantly asks to watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show.  It seems like just yesterday, she was enamored with Elmo.  Sorry Elmo, you've been replaced.  He has lost his place in her crib, and Minnie has been added.
 Here is my dear sweet Caleb at 10 month old.  I can't believe we are so close to him turning a year old!  This is going by way too fast!
Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner!!  YIKES!  I am looking forward to turkey and pumpkin pie!  And I need to be careful not to go crazy shopping for Christmas gifts for the kids.  Every time I look around, I see something else I want to buy the kids!!  Ahh!  It sure is fun to buy for them.
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