Summer Vacation!

I have been on summer vacation for a week now and it has taken that long for me to finally feel rested.  Thank God the kids love to sleep, because I have needed the rest.
What's on tap for this summer?  Moving!  I am in the middle of packing and boy is it tiring.  It's always amazes me how many boxes it takes.  And this time around we are hiring movers.  We are getting too old to lug around heavy furniture and boxes!  I am sure packing and unpacking will take up much of my vacation time.  And planning Grace's 3rd birthday.
I can't believe my baby will be three next month!  She is a fireball that one!  So much personality and has a strong will, which is getting stronger and stronger by the minute.  She challenges me to stay patient.  There are times when she pushes my buttons and boy is it hard to stay even keel.  I have been reading articles and blogs from other moms about keeping cool and not yelling.  One minute she is super sweet and cuddly then the next she's throwing tantrums and yelling "NO."  Ah, the life a soon to be three year old!  This too will pass.

We celebrated Grace's promotion ceremony from pre-preschool to preschool on June 7th.  I was such a silly mommy and actually cried!  She was so cute and so excited to receive her certificate.  We are really going to miss the preschool program at Independence Christian School.  It's such a great place and all the staff really love the Lord.  Grace has flourished there.

We had a  really fun Father's Day.  Went out and did some shopping for daddy and had a yummy lunch. And the kids cooperated all day long!  Here's to the best daddy I can imagine for my kids!

I just finished my 10th year as a school counselor.  It really is a privilege to serve in this capacity.  I felt a calling from the Lord to become a school counselor and I followed it.  And now that I have been one for a decade, I am coming to the point where I need to assess it.  How do I keep the passion alive and cynicism far far away?  It's a demanding job, but I love the impact I get to make on high school student's lives.  The best part is those cool moments in my office when I can see I am making a difference and of course, every year when we walk the Seniors down to the stadium for graduation is a great achievement not just for the students, but for us counselors as well.

Well, I will keep you all posted as I figure it out, but I have a feeling it's a process.  In the meanwhile, I also get to spend my summer vacation with these darlings.

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