Happy Birthday Grace!

My baby girl is 3 today!  Three years!  Such a short time, but a huge milestone in my baby's life.  She will officially start preschool next month.  And my little doll is changing so fast.  She is confident, playful, cheerful, outgoing, and very strong willed.  She is very verbal and not afraid to say what she feels or tell you what she wants...much like her momma.  I couldn't imagine life without her.  The Lord bless you my little sweetheart!

Dora centerpieces with chocolate bars and pinwheels. Very fun to make.

This was fun to make.  I found clipart of Swiper.  Cut it out and make the sign using my Cricut.

This past Saturday, we celebrated Grace's birthday with a Dora the Explorer party.  We had a blast.  I made the Backpacks favor bags.  The bags had the backpack straps on the back.  I included the Map in each bag.  When opened, the map had a scavenger hunt.  The kids were instructed to find their party favors before Swiper swiped them.

The first stop on the scavenger hunt was Tico's house.  I used the kids playhouse with a picture of Tico taped to it.  There were ziploc baggies with goodies taped all around and in it.  There was supposed to be lots of balloons too, but I ran out of time and didn't get a chance to blow up the balloons.

Stop two was Star Forest.  I made stars of five different colors and taped candy to the back of each one.  The kids were to find a star of each color.

Last stop was Tickle Island.  Kids were to rescue Boots.  There were baggies with more goodies hidden in the sand.

 Grace blowing the candles on her cake.

I love my babies!  Caleb had a great time too.

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