Grace's Frozen Birthday Party

And just like that, Grace is 4!  
And since she is such a Frozen addict, we threw her a mid summer Frozen party!  And she loved it!
This was probably the simplest party we have thrown.  But I it was also the most stress free one!  I actually had fun.  I wasn't running around and I wasn't completely tired from setting up before the party even started!  We rented the party room at the Chino Youth Museum.  It was totally worth the very little we paid to have it there.  I bought the family membership in the Spring so the cost of having it there was a whopping $75!  And the kids had a blast running around and playing.

 I wasn't going to do a lot in regards to decorations, but last minute, I churned out these centerpieces.  I had the purple pots left over from last year's decorations.  I bought those at a Dollar store.  I printed out images of the Frozen characters on white card stock paper (I googled Frozen clipart), cut them out and glued them to bamboo skewers.  I filled the pots with moss foam blocks.  I used purple and teal tissue to cover the sticks.  And there you go!
One  side had Olaf, Christoff and Sven.

The other side of the centerpieces had Olaf, Elsa and Anna.  Also, the circle said, "Grace's Frozen Birthday" at the top and on the bottom it said, "Family and Friends Forever."  I got these from on FunnyPartyInvitation on Etsy.  I originally bought the listing for the favor circle tag, but then asked her to re-create it so I could use it for the centerpieces.

I got the idea for Frozen rice crispy square pops from here on Etsy.  I thought they were really cute!  I made rice krispies following the recipe on the box.  One thing I did that helped out a lot was lining the pans with parchment paper.  So when it was cooled down, I easily pulled out the parchment paper, placed the rice krispies on a cutting block and cut them into squares.  Made it so easy!

I spread melted white candy melts on them and sprinkled them with blue sugar crystals.  I put them in clear favor bags that I bought at Michael's (make sure the candy is completely dried before placing in the bags.  I waited overnight).  Then I tied a frozen favor tag on to each one.  They were cute and yummy!

The cake was gorgeous!  This was made by a my friend Erika's mother.  She makes the best tasting cakes!!!

Instead of giving lots of candy and toys as favors, we gave a Frozen book and Frozen stickers.  I ordered both of these from  The book is by Little Golden books.  It's cute and my daughter loves reading it.

I found really cool "frozen" themed clip art on the internet and printed it out.  Cut it into 2 inch strips and taped it to the front of the clear bag.  Then I taped a favor tag to it.  It was cute! 

And Grace was so excited to have Queen Elsa and Princess Anna visit her!  They did such a great job!  We hired them from Enchanted Characters.  They told and sang the Frozen story.  They also did a special coronation ceremony with Grace.  And helped sing Happy Birthday to her.  They were worth every penny we paid for them!

That's a very happy girl!

 And of course, Caleb had to get into the action too!  He kept giving them hugs and kisses.

We had a lot of fun!  I will definitely have Caleb's birthday party at the museum as well.  So easy!
And to commemorate Grace's Frozen party, I made a few Frozen Premade scrapbooks.  They came out so cute.  The pictures do not do them justice.  I have two posted on Etsy and thee on Ebay for sale.
Here are the yummy scrapbooks:

ps...feel free to email me for the clipart files.

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