Farm Chipboard Album

I made this cute Farm themed chipboard album for a friend's daughter who just turned 1.  The birthday party was at a farm.  So I was inspired to create this cute album.  I used my Cricut to make the barn shaped album and also for a lot of the die cuts.
Its a pretty big album.  A little over 9 inches tall and almost 10 inches wide.  Which is great because it leaves a lot of room for decorations and pictures.

 What's a farm without trees, fruit and a tractor!  I should know!  I grew up on a farm in the farmlands of the Central Valley.

 Here's my little farmer girl die cut and her pig.  Too cute!
 This page screams "Old MacDonald."
 I thought it would be cute to add animal sounds to these two pages.

This was a really fun album to make.  I hope it will be a treasured keepsake for my friends and their daughter.

Finally Crafting Again...

It's been a rough month.  Life has been busy and stressful.  I am also dealing with some sad events in my family.  So I needed to craft!  Crafting keeps me sane.  I made this cute album for a birthday gift...more pictures to come.  I want to send off the gift first before I post more pictures.  

It was a farm themed 1st birthday party.  And since I was making die cuts for the album, I made a couple extra of these cute little guys...

It's a farmer boy and farmer girl die cut set.  Cute, right?  I made two extra sets and posted them on my Etsy store.  I can't help myself but to craft!

We have all been sick this past week. I took Caleb to the doctor this morning.  He has a bad cough, but no fever.  He is still his happy little self.  He's 5 months old now and he's huge!  He weighed 19.04 lbs!  And he's about 28 1/4 inches long.  BIG BOY!  Here he is in his 5 month pictures.

And Grace, well she's as cute as ever and such a toddler!  She is becoming an expert at many things, especially throwing tantrums.  I took a picture of her in action.  She loves throwing herself on the floor.

I think I might show this picture to my students.  Birth control!  Maybe I should video tape her in action and make my students watch it!!

I have 4 more weeks till my summer vacation!  I can't wait.  I have lots of plans...more things than I can get done in 6 weeks.  But most importantly, I will be spending lots of time with my munchkins.  What can be better than that?

Need A Pick Me Up??

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