Our Little Artist

Well, Grace tried out crayons today for the first time. Other than trying to stick the crayons in her mouth, she did well with them. She knew to keep the coloring on the paper. I was so proud of her. She is such a little grown up!
Here is her masterpiece...not sure if she will grow up to be an artist, but I sure am proud of her first creation. She kept putting her foot on the paper so I tried to draw an outline of it. It didn't work out that well, because I definitely am not an artist! This will be scrapbooked!
And she stole an Oreo off my plate the other day. She loved it! We weren't going to introduce these types of sweets to her quite yet, but she obviously had other plans.
This week I had to go to the hospital to get checked out. I was having intense pain and having a hard time walking. I thought it was better to be safe than sorry. Turns out I was having mild contractions. The doctor gave me medication to stop the contractions and ordered me off work till I see my OBGYN this Monday. It has really helped to rest. The pain has subsided and I almost feel normal. It's just really hard for me to sit still. Other than a haircut today, I have stayed home and rested. I have a little less than 8 weeks left till my due date. Caleb, stay put buddy!!

Sesame Street Numbers

I've been inspired to craft lately. Or shall I say, feeling pressured to get things done before Caleb is born. I've had an idea for Sesame Street themed numbers for Grace's closet door. I've been working on it here and there for a few weeks now and this afternoon decided to finish it up. Grace loves Sesame Street, as evidenced by this picture.
She especially loves Elmo and when he comes on, she climbs on the couch and sits as she watches. It's really adorable to watch her do this.
I made numbers 1-10 and decorated them with Sesame Street characters. I also put rhinestones on each letter. I used my handy dandy Cricut to cut out the Sesame Street characters and the numbers. I cut out the characters at 5 inches tall and the numbers at 7 inches tall.

Grace likes them. When she walks in her room, she stops to look at them. I am considering making more sets to sale on Etsy. Yes, with all that free time I have these days. Five more weeks till maternity leave...
On another note, Grace said, "I love you" to us for the first time last night and has been repeating it today. Wow! Such an awesome moment. It really warms our hearts to hear her say it. It's one of those things that makes being a parent so darn cool. Love it! I love that she is such a cuddle bug. She loves giving us hugs and kisses. And now, saying, "I love you" is like the cherry on top. We are blessed!

Monday Blues

We're sick! Not a great way to start the week. Grace had a runny nose on Friday and Saturday and by Sunday, both Jonas and I were sick. Grace is better. We had a garage sale on Saturday and it was a lot of work. Both Jonas and I were tired so I'm sure our immune systems were weakened and primed for catch what Grace was fighting off. At least Jonas can take cold medicines...I'm toughing it out with the help of Tylenol.
I'm 30 weeks pregnant now! Only 10 weeks to go. I am so big and feel so ready. I don't think I'm going to make it to my due date in December. I have a hard time walking sometimes and am not sleeping through the night anymore. Yesterday, I was literally making bathroom visits almost every 15 minutes. And this baby moves so much. It's almost like he's practicing karate kicks in the womb!
We had a rough day yesterday, between us being sick and Grace fussy from getting over being sick. Poor thing had much to cry about yesterday. But as always, she always makes us smile. Last night, she was showing us her latin dance moves! She has done it before, but last night I was able to catch some of it on camera. When she dances standing up, she also moves her little hips. Enjoy.

Both Jonas and I are staying home today to rest. Hopefully, we can both get in good naps. Grace is off to daycare!
Have a great week!
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