Jose Castillo Cabello

The Lord took my dad home this week.  He was battling bile duct cancer.  I am reeling from loosing him, but I haven't truly lost him.  He gave his life the Lord so I know I will be re-united with him in heaven.
 My dad loved me very much.  I was his little girl and he always made me feel like a princess.  He is the reason why I always felt I could achieve anything I wanted.  Nothing was too great for me and he imparted that in me.
 My dad grew up in Michoacan, Mexico.  He was from a small village.  He met my mom there.  He made the very best carnitas.  He also loved raising livestock.  He and my mom had 11 children.  He always had a smile for everyone.
My dad loved Jonas.  He called him his son.  I know he was very happy I married Jonas.  They had a special bond.  It always warmed my heart to see them interacting...both of them trying hard to communicate in English and Spanish.
 He also loved Grace.  She brought him joy and made him smile.  Even in his last days, she would make him smile.
I was glad that he met Caleb.  He was amazed at what a big boy Caleb is and how great a disposition he posses.  
Papi, I will miss you dearly.  I am so glad you gave your life to the Lord and I look forward to seeing you in heaven.
your Chabelita

Travel Centerpieces

I recently created four of these bad boys for a retirement party.  It was a travel themed party, the retiree plans on visiting places she never was able to while she worked.  Sounds great, right?  Can't wait to retire and do the the same.  I have a long ways to go till!
 I used my Cricut to make the centerpieces.  I used the My World, Going Places and the Alphalicous cartridges.  I cut out black silhouettes of the various locations.
 I had left over embellishments from travel scrapbooking supplies that I adhered to each of the suitcases.  I wanted it to give the impression of stamps on a well worn suitcase.

Not too bad, huh?  They were pretty large and they looked great at the party.

Summer Vacation! At last!!

At last!  I am on summer vacation.  This school year went by fast, but not fast enough.  It has been a busy school year with the birth of Caleb, maternity leave, and adjusting to two little ones at home.  Lot's of plans for the summer...crafting, dance and swim classes for Grace, resting, working out, and we also have a fun vacation to Santa Barbara planned.  We will also be traveling a lot to Central California to spend time with my dad.
I took this video this past weekend while we were visiting my parents.  I had taken my mom to get a haircut and Grace entertained herself by "sweeping" the floor.  My little helper!  She's changing and growing every day right before our eyes.  She's so tall!  That just adds to the feeling that she no longer my baby, but a toddler soon to be kid...
Speaking of growing up right before our eyes, Caleb is not to behind.  He weighed 20 pounds at his six month doctor visit last week and he's 29.25 inches tall.  Grace weighs 27 pounds and is about 37 inches tall.  We have tall children!  Here is Caleb this morning reaching so hard and rolling from his tummy to his back.  He's an expert at rolling from his back to his tummy, but this was his first time doing it the other way around.  He'll be rolling and crawling in no time!
And Jonas shaved his beard/mustache today!  He looks so different.  He promised himself that when he met his weight goal he would shave it.  I have such a handsome hubby!!  :-)
 Now I need to get on the ball!  I have signed up for a half marathon in January.  More than enough to time to train.  Gotta dust off my running shoes and hit the road!
 Grace was so excited!  My mom, Abuelita, gave her all these Ty Beanie Babies that she had lying around.  She's been playing with them since we got home.
First time giving Caleb a sippy cup. He loved it more for it's teething properties.  He actually did get some water in at one point and it caused him to choke a bit.  He'll get used to it!  Awww, he's growing up too fast!  He's well on his way with baby food too.
As for action on the crafting front, I'm currently working on making sock monkeys.  So far so good.  And I need to finish up a few more tutu hairbow holders that I started in April and never finished.  I am also working on decorations for Grace's Elmo birthday party.  She turns 2 next month!!!  Yikes!!
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