Princess Valentine's Box

We were asked to provide a decorated Valentine's box for Grace's preschool.  They are doing a Valentine's card exchange.
I went around and around with different ideas for a box and couldn't decide.  Finally, it dawned on me to ask her what she wanted.
And of course she said she wanted a princess box.  Should have guessed!
So here is what I made for her.

I couldn't find a shoebox that I felt was the right size so I ended up buying a plain white craft storage box at Michael's.  I also envisioned Disney princess style scrapbook paper to decorate the box with, but they don't sell it at Michael's anymore.  Just the stickers and embellishments.  So I found this glitter paper.  I like it better!  I also added felt glittered crowns to each corner.  The heart stickers are also felt with glitter.  I used the Hello Kitty Font cartridge to cut out her name using my Cricut.

The crown was an extra she had from her dress up clothes.  She has plenty so I am sure she won't miss this one.  The princess stickers I bought at Michael's.  I spent a little more that I had planned to, but I love how her box came out.
Poor little Caleb...he doesn't need one, but I have decided to make him a Thomas the Train box.  More to come...
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