Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!  It's 2014!  That was fast.  It feels like the holidays flew by.  2013 was literally a whirlwind for me.  I am looking forward to a fabulous 2014.

2013 brought us many unexpected blessings.  Mostly the blessing of our new home.  We certainly didn't expect to buy a home when the year started out, but by May we were on the house hunt.  It didn't seem like it was going to happen for us, but by June we were in Escrow.  The Lord really blessed us through this process and by the end of the month we had moved into our new home.  Literally a new home.  We bought a model home in Eastvale, CA.
Our new home.  Our gift from the Lord.
This is my third week off and I have spent the time with the kids.  It has gotten easier for all of us being together so much.  I have learned that I need to keep them busy!  We did a few crafts.  We decorated a gingerbread house. They loved it especially because they ate a lot of candy. I am actually surprised that this much candy made it on the house.
Caleb adding candy to the house while Grace eats it.

I found this manger scene and the people for it online at Design Dazzle.  It was cute!  I printed out the manger scene and cut out the people.  With a little direction, they added the people to the manger scene.  It turned out well and I was able to tell them about Jesus' birth.  I will definitely keep this for next year.

Caleb's manger scene
Grace's manger scene
I think I might have gone a little overboard on Christmas gifts for the kids.  I started buying gifts back in June and even though I got lots of things on clearance and great a doll house for $18 (normally $230!) was a bit overwhelming.  The kids stopped opening gifts halfway through because they just wanted to play with the ones they had opened.  Lesson for next time...

This was the best picture I could get of the kids Christmas morning.  They couldn't wait to start opening gifts.
Christmas day I hosted lunch with my family.  It was so much fun to have them over.  We enjoyed a yummy Christmas lunch and great company.

This is a small portion of my family.  I have three sisters and six brothers.
I am looking forward to a prosperous and restful 2014.  I am praying that this year is not as busy as last year.  I am also looking forward to family time.  And mostly importantly, I am focusing on improving my health, fitness, and my relationship with the Lord.  I have put these things on the back burner and it's time to make them a priority.  I fell prey to the hectic pace of my, kids, husband, etc.  And now it's time to take the reins and take care of me.
Hoping you get a chance to also take the reins in 2014 and take care of you.


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